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17/01/2012 09:39

D-Lite3 should be a superior systemic detoxification supplement EXCLUSIVELY formulated with sought-after, uniquely powerful ingredient: MAP3Z�- a proprietary combination of THREE ultra-micronized and nano-activated zeolites, which, when combined, provide maximum systemic cleansing and detoxification around the body!

In and out of comprises of a blend of 3 unique Zeolite minerals that are good together to the various toxins and poisons from your body naturally.

Zeolites are volcanic minerals which have a good honeycomb-like structure that, attributable to rearrangement of elements throughout heat and pressure for the volcanic eruption, nave a residual negative charge lining the pores or �cages� utilised in zeolites, a home rarely used in nature. This excellent feature makes zeolite a genuinely special mineral.

We occupy a particularly toxic world, inundated with many harmful compounds which come from both natural and man-made sources which make it tricky to live cook. Pollutants are probably the most prevalent of the following toxins may very well have this type negative effect on our overall health lower our overall well-being. Zeolites, specifically clinoptilolite and it's structural relatives, chabazite and heulandite, often have a strong affinity for these 4 elements. Electronic cigarettes is made by internationally recognized experts in their applying of zeolites for enhancing as well as human health*,

D-Lite3 is the usual next generation of systemic detox* can be the actual only real supplement manufactured with MAP3Z�, a proprietary mix of three powerful zeolites, clinoptilolite, chabazite and heulandite, which can be activated together with the sophisticated purification and ultra-micronization processes available.

Our zeolites look at a 22 day, 72 step cleaning, activating and micronization procedure that few other Zeolite available to buy adjusted through. The zeolites for being used in combination with a proprietary rice wine vinegar extract and particular B-vitamins for a mix off essential nutrients that increase the detoxification process and make a super-charged detoxification supplement,* uniquely formulated to facilitate excretion of accumulated toxins through body*.

D-Lite-3 is formulated system natural ingredients what's more, it cause light effervescence, a house clinically shown to improve the absorption of vitamin supplements. Even more walks . constitutes a huge sparkling and refreshing liquid supplement.