Text Cash Network is Banking On Mobile Advertising Mania

11/12/2011 11:32

Mobile text advertising is now being billed the next major frontier in consumer advertising. Most people are becoming numb to email, websites and traditional print advertising. Minimal of that's what text promoting companies would love you to believe.
So Text Cash Network or TCN, is considering or thinking about capitalizing on this growing trend. Essentially they are going sends a set fee, which is similar to 5 daily texts right at this moment, to it's members. So how can people earn income off TCN?
TCN costs nothing to opt-in getting a referring agent. The particular requirement is basically allow 5 texts each day that will be shipped to you with various advertisements. If this sounds much like a promotional network, well, that's which it is.

The comp plan with Text Cash Network is actually a straight-forward $1.50 each month down 10 numbers of referrals. Because it's able to join a and it's worldwide, I'm confident that throughout the is definite to get thousands of users throughout their launch campaigns. I've seen several international companies by getting a similar profile lately. The one that I simply tested out was AutoXten.
The footprints of these kinds of international service-based companies are similar. And typically they generate a massive splash utilizing fair availablility of commissions given out since the first few weeks. Opinion a majority of these opportunities can be good feeder programs to your own primary opportunity, but usually not only a viable long-term focus for your residence business.
Personally, my phone is solely against the rules at this point more or less thing. So I'm not very likely to recommend some others join a either but that doesn't mean it's nintendo wii fit for a few people who don't mind a real promotion.